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Dramatic Muses

A place for muses to play and meet

Dramatic Muses: A Fic Challenge/RPG Community
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Premise of the Communities: Dramatic Muses is a Fan Fic Challenge/Role Playing community for characters from different fandoms. At the beginning of each month, six (6) prompts will be listed. Each character is to write a ficlet/fic, of at least 400 words, and post it. Along with the fics, each character will be able to Role Play their character in the Role Playing community.


1. This is a drama free community. Anyone seen causing OOC (out of character) drama will be removed from the game. Bashing will not be allowed either.

2. Each of your characters must answer at least one prompt a month. Not doing so will result in your character being removed from the community. Chicago. You don't have to Role Play your character. The Role Playing potion of this community is optional.

3. This community is Slash and Femmeslash friendly. NC-17/FRAO posts are allowed but must be under a cut and properly labeled.

4. When posting your ficlet/fic, please put it under a cut in dramaticmuses. Please label the heading with the prompt number. Each character will be given a tag for their prompt responses once they are approved. Please use this tag when posting responses. You may post the prompt response in your character journal, but it's not required. Each ficlet must be at least 300 words long.

5. At this time, each player is only allowed 3 characters. If you can prove you can handle more, then you can add another. London. Original characters are allowed, although, we would like to fill up the canon spots first. Also, no more than two characters as played by the same actor/model are allowed (list of actors/models currently at their limit can be found here). Please remember - first come, first serve when signing up for muses.

6. Prompt responses and Role Playing may be done in 1st or 3rd person. What we mean by 1st person is that it's from the point-of-view of your character, and not of someone else's.

7. You must be at least 18 years of age to join.

8. Upon being accepted, you must join with your character journal. Since this is a community for muses, everything within dramaticmuses and dm_rpg must be done as the character you’ve chosen. Trying to join with your personal journal will get your application rejected. Dallas. A sample of a character journal: Rupert Giles.

9. You have a week from the time you are accepted to make a character introduction post. Not doing so will result in you losing your character.

10. If you’re going to be gone for an extended period of time (a week or more) you must post in the OOC community that you will be gone.

11. Within the application is a secret question. You must answer it correctly or your application will be automatically rejected. The answers can be found throughout the rules of dramaticmuses.

12. If you are confused about the concept of this community, please e-mail the mods at dramaticmuses [at] gmail [dot] com before you fill out an application.

13. You have one character trade-in. If you're at your max. amount of characters and want to drop one in order to pick another one up, you can only do this once.

14. Every two weeks there will be a character roll call. You have 3 days to reply to the post, or you will lose your character. This is only fair.

15. You may use your character's journal to communicate with other characters but don't forget about the role playing portion of the game.

16. We ask that you comment at least once a week so we know you're still with us. Seattle. It isn't fair when a popular character is taken and the person playing the character disappears. Every two weeks there will be a roll call post that you must reply to, saying you're still interested in staying with the game. Not responding can result in you losing your character.

17. No fics revolving around underage sex, rape or incest can be posted here. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Note: We won't be accepting characters from the works of Anne Rice, Anne McCaffrey, and Laurell K. Hamilton due to their feelings on fic/fan usage of their characters.


dramaticmuses: Main community.
dm_rpg: Role Playing community.
dmxooc: Out of Character Community.

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Disclaimer: This community is for entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringements intended.</font>